what's in my diaper bag

What’s in My Bag

what’s in my bag

As a nanny, I’ve had the privilege of carrying many a diaper bag and like to consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. (Just add it to the list…wine, chocolate…diaper bags!). Every mum seems to have one or two items they just can’t leave the house without…it’s almost like it’s their security blanket. While I sometimes left behind their must haves, I had a few go – to’s that I couldn’t bear to part with.

Lily Jade black leather diaper bag with silicone teething necklace, Solly baby wrap and Huggies Diaper Wipes.

The Bag

First of all, we have the creme de la creme of diaper bags. Lily Jade has some of the most beautifully designed ones on the market. I will say, I’m a bit of a diaper bag snob. I don’t want a bag that looks like a kid’s toy. As a mom, you have sacrificed so much of yourself to carry, birth and keep that sweet bundle of joy alive and happy. Get yourself a nice bag, one that screams “I’m still a woman!” (and a fierce one at that) – you owe it to yourself!

After much deliberation, I opted for the Rosie. The leather is soft and has that gorgeous, new leather smell. The insert is a luxurious shade of red – and – hallelujah – it comes out so you can wash it! Spilled milk? – no need to cry. Crushed Cherrios – no problem. Ooey, Gooey mac and cheese – well, that’s another story entirely, but I promise you it cleaned right up!

Lily jade black leather diaper bag

The contents

There are certain things you just can’t leave the house without – diapers, wipes, pacifier (and a back up!), change of clothes for baby (and heck, you may even want a top for yourself in case of projectile vomit or poo explosions). Now on to the fun things!

Must have items for your diaper bag

1. Teething Jewellery – Teething necklaces are great for when you are baby wearing, baby feeding, baby distracting…the list goes on. I will say, that I LOVE the bracelets. Little ones love the texture and that they can really get their fingers around them. Plus, you can take them off and hand them over while you try to drink your coffee (just keep an eye on bub to make sure they are playing safely). Shop: The Leighton // The Sofia // The Lennon

2. The O Ball – Ah, the O ball. This is one of my favourite toys for bubs and generally on my shopping list any time I’m headed to a shower. The ball and the rattle are both light enough and fine enough that little fingers (even little 1 month old fingers) can hold on and be entertained. Shop: USA // NZ

3. Diaper Wipe Carrier – Huggies Clutch n Clean diaper wipe carrier is one of those little functional/ organisation things I love. You don’t have to carry big pack of wipes or buy a special pack of travel wipes (that never stay sealed!!) You just take a stack of wipes out of your bulk pack, stick them in this cute water proof clutch and zip it shut (just a like a zip lock bag). It stays closed, they stay moist, and you don’t throw away the packaging to your nearest landfill unlike those awful “resealable” packs. Shop: Wipe Clutch

4. The Solly Baby Wrap – I’ve tried my fair share of baby wraps, but I love how the Solly wrap distributes baby’s weight, making them more comfortable to carry around. The soft and light weight fabric breathes more than some of the more robust front packs keeping mum and bub close and snuggly without roasting. They come in all sorts of fun colours and pattern so you don’t have to sacrifice your style. Look how cute Summer & JR were at our most recent photoshoot. Shop: The Solly Baby Wrap // Teething Necklace: The Kennedy

Baby wearing with Solly Baby Wrap and silicone teething necklaceBaby wearing with Solly Baby Wrap and silicone teething necklace

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