healthy easter basket idea and free printable "Bunny Bait"

Toddler Trail Mix + Free Bunny Bait Printable

Toddler Trail Mix + Free Bunny Bait Printable

Hippty-hop, Easter is just around the corner…1 week to be exact! Coming up with new Easter basket ideas that aren’t loaded with sugar and processed who-knows-what is always a challenge. Our Toddler Trail Mix is here to save the day – packed full of magnesium, potassium, fibre and antioxidants, it’s just what both mums and bubs love – healthy and delicious! Finish it off with our free Bunny Bait printable and your little one will have a real treat on Easter morning.


The options here are literally endless, but we’ve tried to think outside of the box to create a yummy trail mix combo that is healthy, delicious and toddler friendly.

1/4c chopped apricots
1/4c yogurt covered cranberries
(You can also use yogurt covered raisins. We chopped ours as they seemed slightly too big)
1/4c mixed dried berries
(Our mix came premade with superfood goji berries, blueberries, raisins, cranberries and cherries – feel free to use raisins or whatever you have on hand)
1/4c chocolate covered raisins
1/2c puffed rice cereal (we used an organic brand from the local health food shop, but use what you have on hand – puffed baby cereal, cheerios, etc.)

1/4c finely chopped sunflower seeds
1/4c finely chopped pumpkin seeds
*Dr. Google debates what’s safe and toddler friendly. Nuts generally aren’t recommended due to allergy risks, but seed allergies are much more rare, though they do exist. If you opt to include seeds, only use hulled seeds as little ones can’t quite remove the hulls and spit them out themselves. To further reduce mom stress, we’ve chopped up the seeds into smaller pieces. Use your common sense and momtution – when in doubt contact your physician.*

How To

Can you guess what to do? One step. Mix it! That’s it, job done, now sit down and have a coffee mama! Ps. How cute is Moxie? Just hanging out, hoping for some toddler trail mix…sorry pooch, not for you!

Bunny Bait

Here comes the fun part! Click here to download our free Bunny Bait printable. Just cut along the dotted lines and tie onto a jar or other container you have around the house. What an easy healthy Easter basket idea for toddlers!

Have you made Bunny Bait using our free Easter printable? We’d love to see it and hear what yummies you put in your toddler trail mix! Tag us on instagram @a_la_mum!

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