Timeline of the growth of a pregnant girls belly

Silhouette Baby Bump Tracker

Silhouette Baby Bump Tracker

Before we even started trying to get pregnant I would spend hours on Pinterest finding cute ideas for when the time came. I was in LOVE all of the chalkboard pregnancy trackers. So when I found out I was pregnant I decided I would do one. Well let me just tell you, being a perfectionist and having awful handwriting don’t mix… I quit after the first week. So I started looking up alternatives and ran across some professional silhouette maternity pictures and thought I could try and get the same look with my phone. It took a few tries but I finally got the app settings right and it ended up being so easy!

timeline of a pregnant girls belly growth

Step One.

Take a photo in front of a window, without flash, and preferably around the same time each day so the lighting is similar. Tight clothing works the best to show off those gorgeous curves. And if you have somewhat sheer curtains you can pull them together for a softer look.

A young expectant mother stands poses for a photo in front of a window to show off the silhouette of her baby belly

Step Two.

Head on over to your favorite photo editing app and bump up the “Exposure” and bring down the “Contrast”. Depending, you may need to bring down the “Saturation” to give it a more black and white look but you might not. I used Diptic so I could label the photos with the how far along I was but I have also tested these settings on VSCO and Instagram and received similar outcomes.

A pregnant woman demonstrates how to use a photo editing app in order to achieve a pretty photograph that documents her growing baby bump

Step Three

Save the photo to your phone and share that baby belly all over social media. There isn’t anything more gorgeous than a growing bump!

A pregnant girl shows stands in front of a draped window to show the silhouette of her baby belly

I will say that it always took a few tries to get the pics to look just right. It drove my husband nuts but when your whole body is changing sometimes you have to switch up the angles to make the pictures a little more flattering. I’m so glad I did them though because looking back the transformation is so amazing!


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