• Non-Toxic Silicone

    Our silicone beads and bangles are made from 100% BPA Free, food grade silicone.

  • Sustainable Wood

    Our wood products are made from raw, unfinished, wood from the highly sustainable Schima Superba tree. Each bead and bangle is lovingly polished by hand with natural beeswax and coconut oil. We recommend periodically buffing any wooden pieces with coconut or olive oil to prevent them from drying out.

  • Organic Ribbon

    The beautiful ribbon we use to bead each of our necklaces is organic cotton home grown in Texas and handmade in Japan.

  • Signature Colour

    Our signature dipped ribbon tips are created using BPA-free, food grade silicone, ensuring that the entire necklace is made from baby-safe materials. Although food safe, we do not recommend that you allow your baby to chew on the ribbon tips.
    À la mum necklaces should always be tied in a loose bow and never knotted. They should also never be worn by children.

  • Care

    Always wash jewelry before initial use. We recommend you wash your jewelry with mild bottle soap, rinse fully with hot water and then set the jewelry on a bottle rack to completely dry. If the ribbon of your necklace becomes stained for any reason, simply clean with mild bottle soap and a soft tooth brush. After washing, move beads around to allow ribbon to dry thoroughly. We recommend periodically buffing any wooden pieces with coconut or olive oil to prevent them from drying out. Always inspect your jewellery prior to use. Excessive biting or children with fully developed teeth may rip or break the jewellery. Dispose of if broken.

  • Baby Safe

    While our jewelry is made to be enjoyed by mums and their children, NEVER leave your child alone with our products and never use them as a toy. This poses major choking and strangulation hazards. Products are to be used at your own risk.

  • Durability

    Although our products are very durable, children with fully developed teeth and/or excessive biting may break or tear beads and bangles. Always inspect the products carefully before using. If any part of the jewelry is damaged, please dispose of immediately.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – contains small parts. This is not a toy – contains small parts that can pose a choking hazard and a long cord that can pose a strangulation risk. Unsupervised handling by children is not recommended. Silicone dipped ends of the ribbon are not chewable. Allowing a child to chew on the ends of the ribbon could pose a choking hazard. Always tie ribbon in a loose bow and never in a knot. Inspect jewellery before each use. If any portion is damaged or broken, dispose of it immediately.

For more information regarding the safety of à la mum necklaces and bracelets and à la mini necklaces please view our full terms & conditions.