At a la mum, we believe in giving back. Both Summer and Ashley’s lives have been greatly affected by the joy that the selfless act of adoption can bring. That’s why annually we award scholarships to deserving couples who are waiting, hoping and praying to grow their families.

Did you know?

In America There Are
Children in Need of a Home

Families Who Have considered Adoption

Average Cost to Adopt Domestically

Average Wait Time to Adopt
3 years

Max Tax Credit Available
$13, 190
In New Zealand There Are
Children in State Care

Only 21 were allowed to be adopted by non-relatives

Average Cost to Adopt Internationally

Average Wait Time to Adopt Internationally
3 years

Government Funding to Adopting Families

Adoption isn’t easy. In many cases deserving parents have to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to be placed on a list for a child. And once they are on that list, it could be years before a baby is placed in their arms.

Domestic adoptions within the US average $40,000 with the adoption-quoteprice of adoption sky rocketing for international adoptions. As adoption within New Zealand is all but impossible, the majority of couples are forced to look overseas in order to grow their families. Once the domestic fees are paid, couples encounter international agency fees, fees specific to their adopting country, plus the cost of flights, visas and extended hotel stays.

In setting aside 5% of our annual profits, we hope to lessen the financial stress adoption can bring and allow couples to focus on what really matters – love and family.

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Note: Statistical sources include US Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System; Department of Health & Human Services (October 2009), NZ Ministry of Social Development and NZ ICANZ.