mom shows how to fake a braided hairstyle while wearing a teething necklace for mom

The Mum Mane: Fake Braid

The Mum Mane: Fake Braid

I get so many comments when I do a fun braid in my hair. Most ladies say something like “Man, I wish I could braid my hair. I could never do that.” I totally get that. It took me quite a bit of trial and error to learn how to do some of my favorite go-to hair styles. But sometimes they still don’t come out right… Maybe your fingers just don’t work that way, or maybe like me, you’re having a day of brain fog and everything is a bit too tough. This “Fake Braid” tutorial is quick, and I promise, oh-so-easy…even for the braiding challenged!

What You Need:

  • Dry Shampoo
  • Small Clear Elastic

Step One.

Spray your hair with dry shampoo. You need a little grit and texture to your hair so it holds better.

Step Two.

Section off the front part of your hair and divide it into 2 pieces.

Step Three.

Bring the front piece over the top and bring the back piece forward.

Step Four.

Combine the back piece that you brought forward with a new section of hair from the front. Take that new combined section and bring it over the top and back. Keep doing this until all hair has been “braided” (more like twisted) in.

Step Five.

Then take those 2 separate pieces and twirl them forward.

Step Six.

Twist the twirled strands backwards. The exact opposite way you twirled them and then tie at the bottom with a clear elastic. You are basically just twisting your two piece of hair down the front of your head and picking up the other bits from behind.

Step Seven.

Pull the twists apart focussing on the outside edges. There is no wrong amount of pulling here. The bigger the better in my opinion… Just be careful not to pull too much and the whole section comes loose.

And that’s it! This hair style also spices up any ponytail. Great for playdates or just running around with your bub.

Nursing/ Teething Necklace For Mom : à la mum

mom shows how to fake a braided hairstyle while wearing a teething necklace for mom

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