Party Inspiration: Unicorn Birthday

Our little Everleigh turns the big 1 this month and we couldn’t think of a better theme to fit our happy-go-lucky, always smiley, fun spirited baby girl than a party full of color and magic, a unicorn themed first birthday.

Party Inspiration: Gender Neutral Baby Shower

A few months ago we began planning a gender neutral baby shower because my best friend, Ashley, wasn’t sure what gender she was having but was wanting to have a baby shower while she was in town from New Zealand last month. We tossed around some ideas but ultimately decided to go with a neutral theme that was full of …

what's in my diaper bag

What’s in My Bag

As a nanny, I’ve had the privilege of carrying many a diaper bag and like to consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. (Just add it to the list…wine, chocolate…diaper bags!). Every mum seems to have one or two items they just can’t leave the house without…it’s almost like it’s their security blanket.

mom shows how to fake a braided hairstyle while wearing a teething necklace for mom

The Mum Mane: Fake Braid

I get so many comments when I do a fun braid in my hair. Most ladies say something like “Man, I wish I could braid my hair. I could never do that.” I totally get that. This “Fake Braid” tutorial is quick, and I promise, oh-so-easy…even for the braiding challenged!

dr. seuss truffula tree party ideas

Party Inspiration: Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s a Dr. Suess Party today! Highlights include – DIY Trufulla Trees; One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Punch; Truffula Tree Cake Topper; Custom Dr. Seuss Sneetch Trufulla Tree Invitations; Dr. Seuss Diaper Raffle Tickets and Dr. Seuss Book Decor.

Dad reads to toddler while on a flight to keep him entertained

11 Tips For Traveling With A Baby Or Toddler

I find it so sad when I hear people who enjoy traveling say that they will wait until the kids are grown to travel more. Although traveling with little ones has it’s challenges, it is such a great opportunity to bond with and create lasting memories with your children and your partner.

Mom gives a half updo hair tutorial while wearing a teething necklace for mom

The Mum Mane: Crisscross Half Updo

Ok so it’s date night and you want to get all gussied up for that handsome hubby of yours except you’ve got a little one tugging on your leg demanding you give him all of your attention… Yep, been there so many times.

Vintage Airplane Birthday Party for a child

Party Inspiration: Vintage Airplanes

My little guy is “all boy” and is completely obsessed with cars, trains, planes… Basically anything that has an engine and goes “vroom!” So this year we thought we would make his dreams come true (well what we think his dreams are probably made of) and have a party at the park with airplanes all over the place.

Mom warms up for a tummy toning workout while wearing teething jewelry for moms

10 Minute Toning For Mom

I will be the first to admit, I am not the best at carving out time to workout. I seem to find just about every excuse to do anything else but break a sweat, but with bikini season just a couple of weeks away, I knew it was time to get to work – except I had absolutely no clue where to begin!