Mom demonstrates how to turn a thin braid into a thick braid while wearing silicone teething jewelry

The Mum Mane: Bigger, Fuller Braids

The Mum Mane: Bigger, Fuller Braids

Everything is bigger in Texas and it is no secret that I love my hair and braids, big and full. But now that I have a kiddo, no matter how early I set my alarm, I seem to end up spending those extra minutes in the morning tending to my son’s needs instead of spending time on myself like I did in those pre-baby days *pause for nostalgic memories of peace and quiet.* So I’ve found that the easiest and quickest way for me to cover-up my unwashed mama hair is with some dry shampoo and a big ol’ braid. This hairstyle literally takes me 2 minutes to do. You can’t get more mum-friendly than that!

Mom demonstrates how to turn a thin braid into  a thick braid while wearing silicone teething jewelry
Step One.

Part your hair and braid it into a Dutch Braid. There are plenty of YouTube hair tutorials to teach you how to do this if you want a visual, but basically you just pull the outside sections underneath and to the middle instead of bringing the piece over the top of the braid.

Mom braids bangs into a braided headband while wearing baby friendly teething necklace
Step Two.

Secure the braid with a couple of bobby pins at the base, behind your ear.

Mom pins back braided bangs with a bobby pin while wearing silicone necklace that baby can soothe gums with.
Step Three.

Use one hand to gently hold the area with the bobby pins so that you don’t pull out the entire braid. Use the other hand to pull the outside pieces of the braid out and apart. Don’t pull the entire braid, just focus on the outer edge. Start at the top of the braid and work your way down. I normally go back over the braid a few times until I get the braid pulled apart and big enough for the look I’m after that day.

Mom demonstrates how to fluff up braid to make it bigger while wearing  a BPA free teething necklace.

And that’s it! So easy!

Mom demonstrates how to get bigger braids without hair extensions while wearing silicone teething necklace

I like my braids thick and with a bit of sass, so I pull them apart quite a bit. That’s really the key to this quick mom hair tutorial and making your braid look big and full without using extensions or without having crazy thick, Disney Princess hair.

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