natural teething popsicles for soothing teething babies

All Natural Teething Popsicles

All Natural Teething Popsicle

Even though it’s officially Fall now it’s still pretty dang hot here in the Big D so we are always finding ways to have fun but stay cool on the weekends. We love heading to the lake and lounging in the pool but this weekend I decided to get a little creative and make Boston some homemade popsicles he could eat while he played in the yard. He is getting a couple new teeth, and he is all about feeding himself these days, so they were a huge hit. And needless to say, a bath was in order after he was done.

A teething baby soothes gums on a natural homemade coconut water popsicle

What You’ll Need

I’m a fan of keeping things simple, so the shorter the ingredient list the better!

Popsicle Mould Or Ice Cube Tray

Popsicle Sticks – The longer the better. I only had mini ones but the regular size would have been easier for him to grip.

A handful of any fruit your little loves. I used raspberries and blueberries.

Coconut Water

Greek Yogurt (Optional)

How To:

Step 1: Drop a little fruit in each compartment of the mould and muddle it a bit.
Step 2: Pour some Coconut Water about half-full and place in the freezer to get slushy.
Step 3: Once the popsicles are a little slushy, top with greek yogurt and then put in a popsicle stick.
Step 4: Place back in the freezer to harden.

Teething baby enjoys delicious all natural homemade teething popsicle

Thats it! Very easy, very healthy, and oh so soothing to any babe who may be working on getting a few new chompers.

natural teething popsicles for soothing teething babies

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