The Brains Behind the Operation…

Hey Y’all!! I’m Summer and I’m proud to call the Lone Star State home. Texas holds a special place in my heart – it is where I met my best friend (turned business partner), fell in love with my hubby, went to college (Pony Up!), got married and began our little family. We have one son who has rocked our world in that amazing way that only children can. It was his curious little fingers pulling on a not so baby friendly necklace that really got this jewelry dream rolling. Since becoming a mom, my eyes have been opened to all of the amazing sacrifices that my mom, and moms everywhere, make on a daily basis. Us girls here at à la mum are on a mission to prove that style doesn’t have to be one of them. I hope that when you put on one of our pieces, you will feel great about yourself, and comfortable with your baby loving it too.

Hola! Me llamo Ashley. Interesting fact…I love speaking Spanish. More interesting fact, throughout uni (Go SMU!) I was a nanny. I spent a lot of time with a lot of babies and subsequently, a lot of drool. I’ve always loved jewellery but was really careful with what I would wear to work. 1) I didn’t want it to harm the precious bubs I was looking after and 2) I didn’t want them to harm my jewellery. That’s where à la mum comes in. After much brainstorming, lots of research and a little a lot of wine, Summer and I decided to tackle this problem head on and create something you would LOVE to wear and could be confident it would be safe for your bub to chew on, drool on, pull on and play with. Although from Texas, I live in New Zealand with my kiwi husband and sweet pooch Moxie. I love to cook, live to travel and can’t wait to have a babe of my own. I’m addicted to creating and hope that you love this newest creation as much as we do! xx

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