details of a vintage car nursery tour

Nursery Tour: Vintage Car Theme

Nursery Tour: Vintage Cars

My husband has always been a car guy. In high school he drove a 1968 Camaro that was bright red with a black racing stripe down the middle. It was gorgeous but once we started dating I quickly developed a love hate relationship with that car. It was so nice to look at but not so fun to ride in. The car didn’t have an AC which is not ideal in the middle of the Texas summer. The passenger seat had a tear which he tried to fix with duct tape, but didn’t stick very well (probably due to the heat) so I was left with a sticky butt and messed up hair from having to ride with the windows down for most of our dates.

When we found out we were having a boy I told my husband he could pick the theme of the nursery. He of course wanted a vintage car theme and I thought that would be perfect. My only request was that his room be more “mature” so we wouldn’t have to redecorate in a couple of years. But who knows my plan may be ruined if our son decides he’s more into superheroes and will only sleep on Batman sheets. We will see.

Photo ledge decorated with vintage car itemsdetails of a vintage car nursery for a boydetails of a vintage car nursery for a boyGlider, teddy bear, and book station in vintage car nursery

We ended up purchasing most of the furniture from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child but we did find a few accents at Hobby Lobby, Target and Babies R Us. I am in love with how it all came together. And now that our little guy is old enough to enjoy it and is completely obsessed with cars, I am so happy we went this route.

details of a vintage car nursery for a boy

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