Mom shows how to speed up morning routine while wearing a silicone teething necklace made for moms.

7 Ways To Speed Up The Morning Routine

7 Ways To Speed Up The Morning Routine

Ok so you had a baby and you feel like a wreck. Your body hurts, you are sleep deprived, your hormones are going craaaayyyzeee. Getting all dolled up is the last thing you feel like doing, but it may be exactly what you need.

Anytime I wasn’t feeling well, my mom would tell me to take a shower, do my hair, and put on my makeup. Her theory was that if you look good, you feel good. And I have learned after all these years that is oh so true!

When I had my son, Boston, I had a pretty bad case of the baby blues. I was so weepy and completely overwhelmed with my awesome new responsibility. I felt like I was in mourning of my past self and worried that I was never going to be her again. But I am happy to say that after about a month I finally felt more normal. I think most of it had to do with giving my body time to recover and my hormones time to balance out, but I also think that taking a little time each day to fix myself up really helped me identify with my old self.

These days I do not have nearly the amount of time to do my hair or makeup, but I have adapted to the crazy mom schedule and here are some shortcuts I have learned along the way.

Mom shows how to speed up morning routine while wearing a silicone teething necklace made for moms.


Buy yourself some dry shampoo. Don’t ask why…just do it! In the past I washed my hair everyday but who has time for that with a newborn…or let’s be honest, toddler… who doesn’t sleep well? This stuff makes it to where I only need to wash it every 3-4 days. Seriously amazing!


Curl your hair in tight curls to get 3-4 days worth of hairstyles as the curl changes shape and texture. By the end of the third day my hair is wavy but looks like I still spent time on it. Day 4 gives me enough texture for an awesome pony tail or full bun. Don’t forget the dry shampoo to keep the oil at bay and keep your hair looking fresh!


Buy some ribbon elastics or dig out that scrunchie we all have saved away from 1995! I always suggest putting your hair in a high pony at night to protect your curls so you can wear them longer, but if you use the wrong elastic you could be left with a creased mess. I have found that the ribbon elastics are amazing for keeping my hair up but not creasing it much. Plus they are so much cuter than regular elastics.


Prioritize your bath/shower. My little guy was an awful napper. It made getting a full bath or shower almost impossible so I had to start prioritizing. In order for me to feel clean I have to shave. Everyday. So this was the first thing I would do just in case he happened to wake up and I wasn’t able to finish. Find out what your “must do” item is for the day and tackle that first because there is no guarantee you’ll be able to finish.


Wash your face but keep your eye makeup. Some days I am able to spend more time doing my makeup than others. On days when I don’t have a ton of time, I just wash my face but keep my eye makeup on. I may have to re-blend in my eyeshadow or fix eyeliner smudges with a qtip, but that takes so much less time than a full application.


Organize. I swear as a mom you live or die by how well prepared you are so spend some time prepping and organizing your makeup bag. Before I had my son, I went to Target and bought a new makeup bag that had compartments to keep things nice and separated. I have a section for brushes, one for eye makeup, and one for face makeup. I also stored items that I don’t use as often under the counter and out of the bag. Doing this will minimize the time you spend digging around in your makeup bag which ultimately could be the difference between getting your mascara on or not.


Don’t feel bad about having a “mom uniform”. Having a go-to, functional outfit saves you time when getting dressed in the morning. But if your go-to is leaving you feeling less than your best, spice up your old outfits with some fun jewlery (baby safe jewlery of course ;P). Even if you are just wearing the same ol’ t-shirt and jeans, a statement necklace can add some fun flair to what may feel like a dull mom uniform.

Also if you’d love to find ways to do your hair quick and still look awesome, check out our series, The Mum Mane! Here we feature hair tutorials that are easy to do and still look fabulous with unwashed hair.

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